Lovin’ on Marilyn

Fat activist Marilyn WannThis is Marilyn Wann, fact activist and author of, among other things, the classic book of snarky fat pride, Fat?So!: Because you don’t have to apologize for your size. She has a great piece in the SF Weekly on the most recent insane suggestion that fat children should be taken into foster care.

I want to see healthful eating and exercise habits and respect for families with fat children. In the (thankfully few) cases I’ve been involved in or watched with dread as CPS has taken fat children from their families, foster care has not been able to bring about permanent weight loss…We should recognize that families targeted by CPS in this manner are usually poor and often people of color; weight discrimination readily links up with other common prejudices.

Marilyn also provides some down-to-earth statistics which will hopefully help those who really care about kids’ wellbeing to, in the infamous words of a weight-loss industry bloodsucker whose star has faded, STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!

For every 100,000 children, 11.8 have Type 2 diabetes. Adds Linda Bacon, another health educator associated with Health at Every Size, 2,700 have diagnosed eating disorders. Should our first priority really be to scare children about food and weight?

Unlike the “obesity” fearmonger approach, the Health at Every Size approach has not only proven safe and effective in promoting good health for people of all sizes, it also reduces weight-based discrimination rather than encouraging villagers to grab their pitchforks.

Thanks, Marilyn, for never giving up the fight, and for having the courage to stand up in this increasingly hostile environment to the wickedness of “professionals” who don’t give a damn about the harm they cause in the name of thinness for all.


A boy’s best friend is his mother?

Mom faces jail after son dies jaywalking

Raquel Nelson was convicted of homicide by vehicle and reckless conduct by a jury and faces sentencing tomorrow. She can receive up to a three-year jail sentence, six times the stretch that Jerry Guy–who admitted to drinking before running over Nelson’s son, A.J.–served.

Are you paying attention, ladies? No matter what happens to your kid, YOU are responsible. Some jagoff knocks back a few, jumps behind the wheel, and kills your sweet baby? It’s YOUR fault, you committed homicide by vehicle even though you weren’t driving.

Seems the mofos in charge are doing their best to encourage us to think long and hard about whether we’re willing to bear and raise the next generation in such a woman-hating climate.

Update 7/26/2011: Ms. Nelson did *not* get jail time, *just* probation and a new trial. For crossing the street and losing her child. I suppose I should be thankful, but geez. Something stinks in our justice system, for sure, and it stinks like patriarchy.

What’s in *your* purse?

It’s rilly so sweet that the big stwong man helps the silly woman realize just how silly she’s being! Why should she carry around that giant bag when all she needs is an overpriced single-purpose electronic? What a revelation!

C’mon now. It’s great that yer gadget holds a metric crapton of reading material, but every woman knows it’s no replacement for a bag, now is it? Yeah, maybe I don’t have to schlep books and magazines any more, but I still need someplace to stash my tampons. Somehow I don’t think the Kindle can help with that.

Watch the video here.

Ban *this*, my man

certify me godbag freeThe article quotes Cain as further saying, “The people in the community know best. And I happen to side with the people in the community.”

Great, dude, so you’ll side with me when I and others in my community want to ban the churches we don’t like — which would be all of them?


Michelle Obama and BurgerNormally I’d feel sorry for you, Michelle, and opine how the meeja and bloggers of every political stripe are demonstrating their innate gasbag characteristics all over this story.

Unfortunately, I just can’t. I was a fat kid, and I know that the last thing fat kids need is for people to give their peers ammunition against them. You could have developed a fine campaign encouraging all kids to be active and enjoy the outdoors in all kinds of ways and for all kinds of reasons; instead, your initiative was specifically about reducing “the epidemic of childhood obesity” (*gasp*!) which only serves to stigmatize fat kids and encourage other kids to shame them because of how they look.

Maybe now you’ll understand what it’s like to have your food choices and your body scrutinized 24-7 by a hostile audience. I’d like to feel sorry for you, but you practically went out looking for this shitstorm. Just try to learn something from it, okay?

Photo shamelessly stolen from Gawker, those pricks.

Ball and chain

Baltimore's Joe Flacco and his bride get help...Ahhhhh, mawidge. It’s sooooo egalitarian nowadays that the chick doesn’t even have a name.

Wonder how teh gays will decide which one of them owns the other, since they won’t have sexual dimorphism to go by?


Just in case some shitbag MRA gets his knickers in a twist whining about “they’d write it that way about the man if the woman was the famous one,” I give you, for contrast, Jewel:
The singer Jewel and husband Ty Murray...
I dunno who hubby Ty Murray is, do you?* Didn’t think so. So suck it MRAs and conservatives of all stripes. Mawwidge ain’t about equality, never has been, never will be.

*Google helpfully tells me that he is a professional cowboy and is on Dancing with the Stars. I don’t think that makes him famous though. Stupid maybe.

“natural” beauty

This shit fascinates me in a creepy deeply uncomfortable way. Here’s a company working hard at being “alternative” and who do they pick to represent “natural” beauty? A thin white conventionally attractive blond chick slathered in makeup. Reeeeeeel natural. And do they let her actually say anything besides self-absorbed new-agey drivel? Hell no.

Ugh. This makes me want to peel my skin off.