Ball and chain

Baltimore's Joe Flacco and his bride get help...Ahhhhh, mawidge. It’s sooooo egalitarian nowadays that the chick doesn’t even have a name.

Wonder how teh gays will decide which one of them owns the other, since they won’t have sexual dimorphism to go by?


Just in case some shitbag MRA gets his knickers in a twist whining about “they’d write it that way about the man if the woman was the famous one,” I give you, for contrast, Jewel:
The singer Jewel and husband Ty Murray...
I dunno who hubby Ty Murray is, do you?* Didn’t think so. So suck it MRAs and conservatives of all stripes. Mawwidge ain’t about equality, never has been, never will be.

*Google helpfully tells me that he is a professional cowboy and is on Dancing with the Stars. I don’t think that makes him famous though. Stupid maybe.