A boy’s best friend is his mother?

Mom faces jail after son dies jaywalking

Raquel Nelson was convicted of homicide by vehicle and reckless conduct by a jury and faces sentencing tomorrow. She can receive up to a three-year jail sentence, six times the stretch that Jerry Guy–who admitted to drinking before running over Nelson’s son, A.J.–served.

Are you paying attention, ladies? No matter what happens to your kid, YOU are responsible. Some jagoff knocks back a few, jumps behind the wheel, and kills your sweet baby? It’s YOUR fault, you committed homicide by vehicle even though you weren’t driving.

Seems the mofos in charge are doing their best to encourage us to think long and hard about whether we’re willing to bear and raise the next generation in such a woman-hating climate.

Update 7/26/2011: Ms. Nelson did *not* get jail time, *just* probation and a new trial. For crossing the street and losing her child. I suppose I should be thankful, but geez. Something stinks in our justice system, for sure, and it stinks like patriarchy.