Lovin’ on Marilyn

Fat activist Marilyn WannThis is Marilyn Wann, fact activist and author of, among other things, the classic book of snarky fat pride, Fat?So!: Because you don’t have to apologize for your size. She has a great piece in the SF Weekly on the most recent insane suggestion that fat children should be taken into foster care.

I want to see healthful eating and exercise habits and respect for families with fat children. In the (thankfully few) cases I’ve been involved in or watched with dread as CPS has taken fat children from their families, foster care has not been able to bring about permanent weight loss…We should recognize that families targeted by CPS in this manner are usually poor and often people of color; weight discrimination readily links up with other common prejudices.

Marilyn also provides some down-to-earth statistics which will hopefully help those who really care about kids’ wellbeing to, in the infamous words of a weight-loss industry bloodsucker whose star has faded, STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!

For every 100,000 children, 11.8 have Type 2 diabetes. Adds Linda Bacon, another health educator associated with Health at Every Size, 2,700 have diagnosed eating disorders. Should our first priority really be to scare children about food and weight?

Unlike the “obesity” fearmonger approach, the Health at Every Size approach has not only proven safe and effective in promoting good health for people of all sizes, it also reduces weight-based discrimination rather than encouraging villagers to grab their pitchforks.

Thanks, Marilyn, for never giving up the fight, and for having the courage to stand up in this increasingly hostile environment to the wickedness of “professionals” who don’t give a damn about the harm they cause in the name of thinness for all.