Peak Trans: Debunking Twitiots


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From Term Abdominal Pregnancy with Healthy Newborn: A Case Report:

Ectopic pregnancy represents about 1–2% of all pregnancies with 95% occurring in the fallopian tube. Abdominal pregnancies represent just about 1% of ectopic pregnancies.

Doing math… so the scenario tweeted above occurs in roughly 0.0001% of all pregnancies. Oh look, the nice authors did some math too.

The incidence of abdominal pregnancy … ranges between 1: 10000 pregnancies and 1:30,000 pregnancies …

Something that the nice authors, I’m sure, felt was self-evident such that they did not need to explicitly mention it, was that the group of people in whom this condition occurs is the group of people who always conceive and gestate human fetuses — female humans.

When an abdominal pregnancy is diagnosed in someone female, immediate surgery to remove the fetus is normally recommended.

Of course I can’t be sure of the tweeter’s intent, but may I state for the record that in the reality-based community, male people will not become randomly pregnant via a fertilized egg implanting on their intestines. A fertilized egg cannot spontaneously occur where there is no ovary to produce it, and no way for viable sperm to reach it (AKA “a vagina”).

Were a uterus-free person somehow able to find someone reprehensible enough willing to inject a fertilized egg into their abdominal cavity, and were that fertilized egg to implant onto the peritoneum (despite the vanishingly small chance of this happening spontaneously, as cited above), that uterus-less person would be at risk for the same very serious and potentially life-threatening conditions as a uterus-plus person with a (much more statistically likely but still statistically rare) ectopic pregnancy: Extreme abdominal pain, bleeding, infection, and organ rupture.

the diagnosis is made on the basis of the ensuing complications such as hemorrhage and abdominal pain. Maternal mortality and morbidity are also very high especially if the condition is not diagnosed and managed appropriately. These pregnancies generally do not get to 37 weeks (term gestation) and usually the end result is the extraction of a dead fetus. Another challenge for babies from abdominal pregnancy is the very high incidence of congenital malformations. Abdominal pregnancy at term with a healthy viable fetus is therefore an extremely rare condition…

Facts are your friends, people. Please do your research and don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.