What Feminists Are Saying About Transgender These Days

white man lectures woman of color on her culture:

you really chose the wrong terf to go off on, dude. you don’t know shit about my people or my culture, and your “understanding” of “gender” in hinduism is really just a eurocentric attempt to shoehorn an ancient belief system into a modern intellectual framework that has no basis in reality.

atranswidow on Why Your “Female Brain” Doesn’t Matter:

We can certainly perform the required mental gymnastics to admit that some women are shaped differently from others and pretend that that’s why a given MtF looks like a man. But mental gymnastics they will be. When it’s time to cross to the other side of the street while walking home late at night, we can tell. And it’s important to our safety that we can tell, and it always has been. And we’re telling ourselves and often each other the truth about why we’re crossing the street, even if you’ve bullied us into not admitting it to you. Because we still have to maneuver our lives and get our business done and that includes facing the many implications of maleness and femaleness.

a comment by mizknowitall on a post at 4thwavenow.com:

“Mission creep” started a long long time ago by the originator of the term “Transgender,” Arnold Loman, aka, Virginia Prince. The entire point being, a deliberate obfuscation of Transsexual so hetro male wankers who got wood from frilly clothing could hide behind “a reason!” …

So, they’ve settled upon the young as their next colonization effort, because, well, “they would have transitioned in utero too, cept you know hate?” So they had to go on and do male privilege sucessfully… for… I dunno? 60 years? Because transition WASN’T avaliable to them till now! Cough-Christine-Jorgenson-cough-1952-cough!

So having convinced the world that transgender = transsexual, (along with up now being the same as down) they now hide behind the young, who lack the faculties to speak for themselves and putting their patriarchal shame language literally into the mouths of babes! Where it confuses the hell out of the actual transsexual kids, telling them its all about feels, not sex, and at the same tine convincing legions upon legions of kids, rightly unhappy with confining sex roles that they are “trans?!” …

There really is an epidemic of inappropriate transition going on. It’s a nightmare, and it is being promulgated by money and social media!