Hush Now

One time I was out driving around with my niece who was about 10. I think we were doing a few errands and then we were going to do something fun. She started playing that game where you repeat what the other person says until they’re ready to scream. The first few times I was like, yeah, ha ha, so adorable. And as kids will do, she kept going.

I finally said, “Please stop that now.” She said, “Please stop that now!” I said, “OK, really, enough.” She said, “OK, really, enough!” And laughed maniacally. Etc.

I was glad she was having a good time — but I was really hating the game by that point, so I said, “Really, knock it off, or we aren’t going to [do whatever fun thing we were planning on] and we will go home instead.” And she said, “Really, knock it off, or we aren’t going to ….”

So I turned the car around and drove home.

Oooooohhhh, she was maaaaaaaaaaaaad.

It seemed like she wasn’t very used to people being unwilling to put up with extended foolishness.


I’m thinking maybe it’s time for whoever the “grownups” might be in this interminable interaction to step up and be similarly unpopular for a little while.

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