Dear Sweet Liberals, Your Pronoun Fetish is Wack

Your email signature pronouns are wack. I have never seen anyone include in their email signature pronouns that don’t match their name. Matt’s pronouns are always he/him/his. Jenna’s pronouns are always she/her/hers. Maybe including pronouns would make sense if you had a name that was ambiguous? But it’s always the Matts and the Jennas (hmmm, why *is* that?), and it’s always he/him/his or she/her/hers — never they/them/theirs or (jeebus forfend) byte/byte/byteself or whatever the effing eff. Since by email no one can tell whether you’re a “Jenna” who really looks like a Matt and you’re trying to head off “misgendering”, your pronoun email sig just makes you look like a toady.

Your nametag pronouns are wack. I don’t even understand the reasoning behind this. Sweet, gender-conforming Matt and Jenna are going to put “he/him/his” and “she/her/hers” (respectively) on their name tags, while all their woque colleagues do exactly the same, and someone gender-confused or -nonconforming is supposed to walk into their institutional sea of perfectly predictable pronoun pronouncements and think — what, exactly? “Wow, I feel so welcome in my gender nonconformity among all of these gender-conforming peeps who can absolutely relate to the experience of being incorrectly sirred or ma’amed on the daily. I’m so excited to announce my unconventional pronouns to them! (Which I would have to do, were I into that sort of thing, as I’m a visitor here and not wearing a name tag!)” I don’t think so, you weenies. If you imagine your pronoun puckering is helping anyone who doesn’t already fit in, you’re wrong. All you’re doing is emphasizing your tedious normality and savoring those sweet, sweet self-awarded “ally” cookies.

Honestly, did anyone, before last night, ever think of using pronouns other than she/her/hers to refer to Kamala Harris? It’s nothing but blatant pandering and virtue signaling at this point, people. Please stop drinking that Kool-Aid and spare the rest of us your foolishness.