Stick It!’s Love Your Body Day Anti-Porn Stealth Activism!

As promised!

The propaganda:

If you don’t want men to treat you like this,
Then why is it okay for other women?
Do something.


Today is Love Your Body Day.
Does this look like love to you?
If not, do something.

The target:

It was a bit tricky, as the porno shelf is three shelves back from the store entrance, and right next to the info desk. (In contrast, the children’s section is upstairs and as far away as you can get from the escalators. By all means, make it easy for the boyz to run in and grab their woman-hating wank-fodder, while the kids and moms should have to walk past every product in the store.) There were several low-level management types lurking around, I’m sure wondering about my interest in the “men’s interest,” but I nonchalantly grabbed copies of FHM, Maxim, Ralph, and Stuff and dawdled my way upstairs.

The outcome:

I left the magazines open on shelves in several sections with snippets of propaganda next to them. This especially lovely feature depicts “hot girl-on-girl action.” Yeah, because all the lesbians I know look just like that. Sheesh. How stupid are men? Stupid enough to support the publishing of, what, 11, 12 different magazines of this type? Not to mention the wrapped-in-plastic kind. Well, here’s to you, boyz.