‘Our Men’

I don’t have any men.

And newsflash, you don’t have any women either.


We Need a Seriously Different Paradigm

Ironic ’cause it’s true.
Everyone’s so focused on their freakin’ rights.

The constitution grants me the right to bear arms!

Everyone should want to fuck me!”

“I have the right to buy babies from poor women!”

&etc. &etc.

(& I'm not excepting some "marginalized" people from this critique — newsflash, gay folk, the world does not owe you a wedding cake.)

You’re asking the wrong question, people.

Ask, instead: What am I willing to give up so that other people can have basic safety and a decent life?

How many mass shootings — that is, how many needless deaths of innocent people merely going about their lives — would have to be prevented for you to give up the “security” of your handgun, or the deer rifle you use twice a year?

How many women and children would need to be freed from the economic, sexual and reproductive slavery of pornography, prostitution and surrogacy — how many rapes would need to be prevented — for you to give up your “right” to an orgasm or that naked selfie?

Really, I mean it; give me a number. I’ll wait while you calculate how many other people’s lives your precious rights are worth.

Edited 6/14/2017: I’m so cutting edge Jonah Mix has to copy me. Ha ha, not really; nice work Jonah.

Gender abolition my left butt cheek

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, two can play at this game:

“nonbinary” binarist: I’m here to subvert the gender binary!
Feminist: That’s great! So you want to help people be comfortable in the bodies they have, without depending on capitalistic BigMedPharma?
“nonbinary” binarist: Wait what? Gatekeeping is wrong and bad because suicide!
Feminist: But surely, you encourage kids to wear and do what they like, without telling them they must be the opposite sex?
“nonbinary” binarist: Obviously a 2-year-old girl who doesn’t like barrettes needs his trans identity validated! (*eyeroll*) And don’t call me Shirley, can’t you see I identify as masculine today?
Feminist: Hmmmm. So you oppose the abuse of women by and in pornography and prostitution?
“nonbinary” binarist: Hell no, that shit is sexxaay!
Feminist: But you must support efforts against harms to women and girls like genital mutilation, child marriage, and “honor” killings?
“nonbinary” binarist:  Islamophobe!
Feminist: So you’re completely on board with every single harmful, sexist abuse ever invented by the patriarchy.  How exactly are you “subverting the gender binary” again?
“nonbinary” binarist:  You’re literally murdering me!! I hope you get raped!